What Does VMA Logo Mean To You

The primary purpose of  Vinyl Manufacturers Association is to provide assurance to the contractor and the home owner that the vinyl extrusions they are purchasing, from an accredited manufacturer, are produced to the quality levels as written in the VMA standards. Make sure your manufacturer is VMA approved,

Tuf-Fence By Homeland Vinyl Inc.

Most contractors use Tuf-Fence for a simple reasons, Strong , Durable , Many Styles , Easy To Install & It’s Proven. Tuf-Fence has been on the Canadian market for past 15 years. If you can build it with wood, you can build it with Tuf-Fence

Gorilla Decking By Homeland Vinyl Inc.

This unique water-shedding design helps keep the space below the deck drier, even on rainy days. The space below Gorilla Deck G3 can be as usable as the space above it. It’s like having two decks in one.

Gorilla Fencing By Homeland Vinyl Inc.

If you do not like look of vinyl fence and you do not like maintaining wooden fence then Gorilla Fence is right choice for you. Gorilla Fence offered in many different styles will make any yard beautiful and enjoyable.

Medallion Fence Ltd.

For residential and light commercial applications Medallions 4000 Series has been the choice of homeowners and architects alike. Our extensive line features a large selection of Standard Styles, and an array of decorative options featuring Decorative Inserts Between Every Other Picket or Inserts Between Every Picket.