Mackenzie Style Single Gate

Manufactured By: Homeland Vinyl Inc.


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About Tuf-Fence

Made in Birmingham, Alabama, United States

With its innovative design, Tuf Fence is a proven fence system that can withstand the harshest of climates. It has been in and around Canada for over 15 years, and has withstood the test of time. It can be easily customized to meet your needs in quality, and taste in styles.Even though Tuf Fence is used by most reputable fencing contractors, with its easy installation design, it can also be your own persolized project. Care to enhance the beauty of your backyard/ neighbourhood ?                     

Try Tuf Fence, you won't be disappointed.

VMA CERTIFIED (Vinyl Manufacturers Association)

What Does VMA Logo Mean To You!

The primary purpose of  Vinyl Manufacturers Association is to provide assurance to the contractor and the home owner that the vinyl extrusions they are purchasing, from an accredited manufacturer, are produced to the quality levels as written in the VMA standards.

Tuf-Fence Main Components

Tuf-Fence H-Post 5x5

Our H-post design has been manufactured for easy installation while still retaining structural strength.It has added channels to allow you to attach your rails or add steel inserts for extra reinforcement for screws on corner posts and gate posts.

Tuf-Fence Rail

Tuf Fence rails are designed with a pocket that will allow your fence boards or lattice to sit inside to hold them in place. In the bottom rail it is open on inside to allow for a steel L enforcement stiffener to prevent any chance of the rails sagging in the middle. It is also designed with no ribs as this allows for any chance of expansion and contraction with changes in temperatures.

Tongue and Groove Boards

Our tongue and groove boards have been designed with 4 ribs distributed evenly spaced on the length of the boards with 1 located next to the tongue. This limits the chances of the board to squeeze together especially where the tongue and groove lock together it will allow a lot stronger connection for high winds, pressure points.


ImageQtyMackenzie Single Gate Package Content
0.5TUF-FENCE Pocket Rail 96"
1TUF-FENCE Pocket Rail Steel Plate 96"
8Utility Fence Board
0.5TUF-FENCE Mid-Rail 96"
0.5Privacy Lattice 12"x96"
0.5TUF-FENCE Top Lattice Rail 96"
2TUF-FENCE U-Channel 96"
3H-Post Fillers 96" Used for bridge above gate and side post filler
1Gate Brace Board
1Easy Hinge For PVC Gate (par of 2)
1Keystone Latch For PVC Fence Gate
10Self Tapping Screw 8x1/2"
20Self Tapping Coloured Screws 8x1-1/2"
20Self Tapping Screws 10x1-1/2"