• Made in Birmingham, Alabama, USA  by Homeland Vinyl Product Inc.
  • North-America Fence Association approved.
  • Market favorite in and around Canada for over 15 years. It is proven and innovative fence system that can withstand the harsh northern climates.
  • Used by most reputable fencing contractors for simple reasons: No warranty issues, easy to install, readily available, customizable.
  • Lifetime Warranty






Depending on the style, Tuf-Fence comes in standard heights: 5′, 6′, and 7′. Because Tuf-Fence is made out of individual components any height can be archived by cutting  vertical boards to desired height.

ImageTuf-Fence Components

5x5x9' Tuf-Fence H-Post
Galvanized Steel Insert used to reinforce H-Post.
Galvanized side plate used with gate and corner post
U-Channel used to turn fence 90deg or other angles
PVC Insert Or Filler used to fill H-Post groove.
Bottom Rail comes with galvanized plate to prevent any chance of sagging.
Mid Rail used to accept fence boards on one side and lattice on other side
Top Lattice Rail used for various styles to accept lattice
T&G fence boards used for paneling. Standard heights 48", 52" 64" and 72"
Ribbed Boards used as gate diagonal brace and as mid rail for Conestoga Style
Auto-Close hinges for gates
Lockable Keystone Latch
PVC Plug 3/8"